Double Trouble

So it appears it happens to many parents…you forget the morning sickness, sleepless nights, newborn anxieties, teething and not to mention the actual labour. You look back at it all with rose tinted glasses and, as soon as things have started to get easier with your first/second/third/gazillionth child, boom- broodiness smacks you in the ovaries!

This happened to me about a year ago, already a mummy to Georgia who slept 7-7, napped 2 hours a day, we’d done the toilet training and I’d finally got to the stage where we could go out for the day without bringing a backpack full of things a toddler could possibly need (spare clothes, spare entertainment, spare food…). I could use an actual handbag!!! We thought we’d nailed this parenting malarkey!

Cue the ‘let’s try for another’ conversation… Danny and I were fortunate enough that we fell pregnant pretty quickly and had no complications. Then, this summer, mid heatwave might I add, Neve decided to grace us with her presence and so began the whirlwind of having a newborn once more! Yes I burst with love every time I look at her or sniff her baby smell and yes I definitely know how lucky we are to have two beautiful, healthy girls, but let’s just say it’s been an emotional rollercoaster and we certainly don’t have this parenting malarkey nailed!!

So during one of my emotional, absolutely exhausted moments, after spending the 3am feed over googling, every mum does it right?! I decided to blog and give an honest account of our journey going from a family of 3 to a family of 4 including all the laughter, smiles, gory details and sometimes tears. I have no idea whether people will actually enjoy reading about us, but please feel free to share/comment with any of your own experiences or just to share the love, after all it takes a village…