Our first holiday as a family of four

Now those of you that know us well/ heard my pops wedding speech will know that Danny and I have never been the best at ‘adulting’. The first time we decorated a room we painted the plug sockets (this was 6 years ago and they still don’t work) and spilt a whole tin of gloss over the carpet (Danny’s fault not mine). The first time we took a trip together we got off at the wrong train station and my pops had to drive for over an hour at midnight to come and get us. When we went travelling I left my passport on the security conveyer belt and had to suffer the embarrassment of it being announced over intercom at the airport. You get the gist- we’re big fat kids! Nor have we had the best of luck on holidays- when I was younger I had my appendix out in Spain (I did gain an epic scar though and we told everyone I’d been bitten by a shark so to those who were naive enough to believe me I was the coolest kid around). When we went to centre parcs we started unpacking the car and found Danny had forgotten to put my suitcase in and left it at the bottom of the stairs at home (somehow miraculously remembered to pack his own though!) and when we were on our honeymoon I threw up on the plane in Danny’s food tray (romantic I know but he’d already married me by this point so there wasn’t much he could do)…

So considering all of this I knew we had to be major organised for going on holiday with an 8 week old baby. Being the unorganised/dippy pair we are the only way to become organised, responsible adults, who did not forget a whole suitcase on holiday, or forget either of the children, was to write a comprehensive list! I set about writing the list days in advance, it grew and grew day by day- hell I was nailing this list business! I should write lists more often for sure, there is nothing, NOTHING more satisfying than crossing stuff off a list! I actually found I was adding more shit to the list just so I could cross it off! Calpol? Yes we’d definitely need that for holiday. Beechams cold and flu? Pays to be prepared. 20 pairs of knickers for Georgia for a five day holiday? Go for it!

Yeah I loved my list! But as it grew a pattern began to emerge…The vast majority of shit on my list was for one person and one person only. The tiniest member of our family needed more shit than was possibly imaginable! How could someone so small need SO much stuff?! In fact said tiny member meant we had to ask mum and dad to put stuff in their car because all her shit literally would not fit in our SUV car… enough outfits to cover all sick and poo explosions- check; enough nappies to last till she’s 10-check; 50 million SMA cartons and powder because she’s a chubster who wants food ALL the time- check and the list just went on and on.

Once I’d relished in the satisfaction of ticking everything off my list; Danny had squeezed everything in the car whilst suffering my snapping (I snap when I’m stressed, or tired, or worried, or ill, pretty much all the time now we have another baby in the house) ; Neve had screamed her head off getting in the car seat and Georgia had proudly announced to the entire neighbourhood that she had got a big bogie from her nose, showed me on her finger (I can confirm it was big) and then swiftly ate it before I could even utter the word tissue, we were off on our adventures!

I won’t bore you with every tiny detail of our holiday, I’ve probably bored you enough, but in a nutshell-

Uncle Christian bought Georgia a paw patrol float and a frozen rubber ring and our previous terrified of the water child who used to cling on to us every time we forced her to go swimming was suddenly a little mermaid. That meant all she wanted to do was go swimming ALL the time, so we, being the considerate parents we are, told her there was a crocodile in the pool so we didn’t have to go again… No I joke, we thought about it, especially on the last day, but of course we dragged our tired asses to the pool EVERY day. Neve even got a few swims in. She probably lasted about 10 minutes before she started going blue and getting cross but those 10 minutes were definitely worth the ball ache of getting her changed, getting her dry and getting her changed again, all timed round her regular feeding and constant need to nap!!!! (Insert sarcastic voice here).

Danny took Georgia to a football session, she didn’t have too much choice in the matter but seemed to enjoy it. Meanwhile I took Neve to eat cake. I ate cake, Neve slept. Winning.

Mine, Georgia’s and mums birthday were all while we were there which made it extra special plus gave us a party for Georgia- we took her to the kids disco and told her it was her birthday party. Before you judge us she absolutely loved it.

Neve slept through the night for the first time- she did her first 11 hour straight stint. But before anybody else with a newborn reads this and hates me, she hasn’t done it since, in fact she’s got progressively worse since being home.

Mum, dad and uncle Christian, who came with us, provided endless entertainment for both girls so when they got home to just boring old mummy and daddy they didn’t know what had hit em!

Somehow we were lucky enough that, at the end of September, we had a 22 degree day so we were able to spend some time by the beach at the lake. Sweating profusely because we had not packed for such climate change. The girls were alright of course, I’d packed for every eventuality for them.

All jokes aside we had the best time, didn’t forget anything we needed (thanks to my list) and made some extra special memories with our two girls.

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