Pops turns 60!

I haven’t blogged in a fair while. Between organising a christening, looking after a very poorly Neve and the run up to Christmas I haven’t found the time. But before we get in to full Christmas swing, today is a special day for my family- happy 60th birthday pops!!

My dad is so many things to me, first and foremost of course the most amazing daddy (yes I’m almost 30 and still call him daddy)! But also the best grandypops to my girls, an awesome father in law to Danny and our go to: plumber, electrician, mortgage adviser, banker, babysitter, teacher, mechanic, comedian (wannabe). Truth is without him we’d be lost!

He’s almost succeeded in teaching us to be successful adults- yes if we get a bank letter we don’t understand, something breaks or we have a car question Pops will still be the first person we ring. But he’s also taught us to save but spend too, to always put our children first and to make a joke out of everything. Laughter makes everything better! Plus I can now replace my own screen washer in the car- if that isn’t winning at adulthood I don’t know what is…

Pops is the most generous and kindest man I know; he has always helped us out in any way he can. From grammar checking our uni essays to giving us taxi money every night out and making us promise we spend it on taxi’s (definitely didn’t spend it on 3 more shots and then stumble home). Hell he still makes Christians sandwiches for work and he’s 25!

He is also a great big softy. We would literally laugh at mum when we were kids and she threw out the ‘You wait till your dad gets home’ card. Don’t get me wrong, he could lose his shit when he needed to- Amanda and I were quite difficult teenagers (me probably more so) and Christian is the reason the term ‘terrible twos’ exists; but you can never take someone who cries at Britain’s Got Talent too seriously when they get mad!

So here’s to wishing you a 60th birthday that is as special as you pops- thanks for all the fun, love and laughter along the way. This photo says it all…